Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enjoy these Festive Holiday Spirits!

As you settle in to your holiday routine and sit down for great meals with family & friends, don't forget to top off your glass with some bubbly! There are a number of great holiday cocktails to shake up, most with a healthy serving of Champagne. So, dust off your cocktail shaker and glasses to prepare some great drinks.

With that in mind, we powered up the FoodPair search engine and found some classic holiday cocktails for you to enjoy during the next week

Alright, let's shake up some cocktails for the holidays!

Cranberry and Vanilla Bean Mimosas
These are a perfect pairing for any holiday brunch.
Ingredients in this recipe: vanilla bean, sugar, ice, cranberry juice, sparkling wine

Ruby Champagne Cocktail
A great cocktail to kick off any party.
Ingredients in this recipe: sugar, Champagne, ruby grapefruit

Blood Orange French 75
Try this classic Champagne-gin cocktail today!
Ingredients in this recipe: sugar, blood orange, Champagne, gin, angostura bitters

Berry Brandy Toddies with Raspberries and Cream
A nice, warm and soothing drink.
Ingredients in this recipe: brandy, raspberry liqueur, fresh raspberries, whipped cream

Stout Floats
The perfect ending to any holiday meal- dessert and cocktail in one!
Ingredients in this recipe: brandy, stout beer, vanilla ice cream

Time to make some amazing holiday drinks!

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