Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your Easter Menu

Easter Dinner is a great feast marking the end of Lent. While customs vary from country to country, decorating Easter Eggs are a common and fun activity. We also love eating chocolate eggs and those chocolate bunnies.

Easter falls at the beginning of Spring, so it features fresh, seasonal vegetables with vibrant green colors, like asparagus, peas and artichokes. For entrees, people traditionally eat lamb or ham dishes, so we've provided a recipes for both. Each family can create their own Easter meal traditions, so feel free to search FoodPair for your favorite menu items if you don't see them below.

To help you create a great Easter Menu from start to finish, we fired up the FoodPair search engine and found a handful of delicious dishes from across the Web.

Italian Vegetable Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing
Start off your meal with a salad featuring fresh, seasonal vegetables.
Ingredients: garlic, egg, asparagus, lemon juice, anchovy, cauliflower, vegetable oil, fennel, Dijon mustard

Fresh Pea and Mint Soup
This soup, which can be made with fresh or frozen peas, features bright mint.
Ingredients: garlic, olive oil, mint, shallot, chicken broth, frozen peas

Rack of Lamb with Chutney-Mint Glaze
Eating lamb is an Easter Tradition in most of the world.
Ingredients: mint, lamb, mango chutney, mint jelly

Easter Ham with Mango-Ginger Glaze
This ham recipe features terrific Asian flavors.
Ingredients: ginger, ham, brown sugar, ground clove, mango nectar

Steamed Asparagus with Cardamom Butter
This brisket is enhanced by the flavors of Spring.
Ingredients: olive oil, asparagus, butter, cardamom, salt

Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs
Everyone loves chocolate-covered Easter eggs.
Ingredients: peanut butter, bittersweet chocolate

Let's get cooking!

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