Friday, February 4, 2011

Decadent Desserts!

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then dessert is the most delicious. Though people try to avoid it, a great dessert finishes off any meal in style and leaves you feeling happy and satisfied. Plus, they're fun to eat and good for sharing.

While we're always happy to top a scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, there are plenty of desserts that are easy to prepare from scratch. Plus, your friends & family will be impressed with your new kitchen skills.

To find you a collection of great desserts that are simple to prepare, we fired up the FoodPair search engine and took aim at the best sweet dishes from across the Web.

Root Beer Granita Float
You'll love this all-frozen update to the root beer float.
Ingredients in this recipe: root beer, vanilla ice cream

Robert Linxe's Chocolate Truffles
Now you can make luxurious chocolate truffles at home!
Ingredients in this recipe: chocolate, heavy cream, cocoa powder

Zesty Lemon Granita
Lovers of tart desserts will swoon for this refreshing granita.
Ingredients in this recipe: lemon, sugar, lemon peel

Sicilian Ice Cream Sandwiches
Sandwiches for dessert? Yes please!
Ingredients in this recipe: hazelnut, bittersweet chocolate, brioche

Butterscotch Dessert Sauce
Whip up some sweet sauce that's good on just about anything.
Ingredients in this recipe: butter, brown sugar, heavy cream

Poached Apples with Ginger
This one's delicious and a little more nutritious than the rest!
Ingredients in this recipe: ginger, apple juice, Braeburn apples, whipped cream

Let's get cooking!

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