Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thai One On!

Every couple months we feel the urge to go on a Thai food bender. There's something about the beautiful simplicity of Pad Thai and Curry (whether Red, Yellow or Green) that makes us march back to our favorite Thai restaurants again and again and again.

We always thought Thai food was too complicated to make at home. Surprise, surprise, that's not the case. Recipes, like the ones below, contain plenty of great tips and shortcuts. Cooking great Thai food is all about assembling and chopping the ingredients beforehand (chefs use the French term, mise en place) so you can add them to the dish in rapid succession. Plus, tons of great Thai products are available at grocery stores across the country.

To find the best Thai recipes from across the Web, we powered up the FoodPair search engine and found some great options that are tasty and versatile from great sites like Steamy Kitchen, Cookstr and Epicurious.

Crab and Fuji Apple Salad with Thai Dressing
Start your meal with a light & refreshing Thai salad.
Ingredients in this recipe: crab, mint, sugar, black pepper, sea salt, lime juice, rice vinegar, chili, Fuji apple, fish sauce, salad greens

Pad Thai
Always popular- because it's always delicious!
Ingredients in this recipe: cilantro, lime, shrimp, egg, scallion, shallot, peanut, sugar, bean sprouts, vegetable oil, lime juice, oyster sauce, red chile pepper, fish sauce, rice noodles

10 Minute Shrimp and Mushroom Thai Curry
Now you can make a great curry in only 10 minutes.
Ingredients in this recipe: basil, shrimp, mushrooms, rice, red bell pepper, coconut milk, red curry paste, cooking oil

Thai Curry Beef Skewers
Another simple & delicious Thai dish.
Ingredients in this recipe: honey, red onion, brown sugar, soy sauce, top sirloin, lime juice, red curry paste, canned pineapple, cooking oil

Tofu with Zucchini, Bell Pepper and Lime
Thai cuisine has plenty of great vegetarian dishes.
Ingredients in this recipe: basil, zucchini, ginger, red bell pepper, tofu, soy sauce, coconut milk, lime juice, peanut oil, red curry paste

Mango Pudding
Finish off your meal with a great dessert.
Ingredients in this recipe: mango, sugar, water, gelatin, evaporated milk

Let's get cooking!

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