Monday, November 22, 2010

Popular Thanksgiving Sidekicks

We could all use a sidekick. A good sidekick makes the main character look good and is always around when needed. While turkey is the undisputed headliner for Thanksgiving, the large bird has a number of trusty sidekicks to make him look and taste great.

Our research staff was working 'round the clock this weekend trying to figure out what people like to eat on Thanksgiving besides turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Turns out sushi is near the bottom of the list. Near the top, we have cranberry sauce (both canned and fresh), sweet potatoes and green beans.

To find you the best sidekick recipes, we powered up the FoodPair search engine and found the tastiest and easiest side dishes for Thanksgiving

While we're still fans of cranberry sauce straight out of the can, it's definitely worth making from scratch. Next, sweet potatoes are delicious, nutritious and versatile. And, green beans can taste great in regular or casserole form. Alright, let's make some side dishes!

Green Beans with Balsamic Shallot Butter
Green beans can be delicious, especially dressed with a compound butter.
Ingredients in this recipe: balsamic vinegar, green beans, shallot, butter

Green Beans with Garam Masala Butter and Toasted Hazelnuts
Garam masala is a fantastic Indian spice-mix available everywhere.
Ingredients in this recipe: green beans, butter, hazelnut, garam masala, kosher salt

Candied Sweet Potatoes
Candied potato deliciousness. Enough said!
Ingredients in this recipe: butter, sweet potato, sugar

Roast Sweet Potato with Sesame Glaze
Try this Asian-inspired sweet potato dish.
Ingredients in this recipe: honey, olive oil, sweet potato, sesame seeds, soy sauce, salt, black pepper

Classic Cranberry Sauce
Fresh cranberry sauce will have the canned stuff running for the hills!
Ingredients in this recipe: cranberry, sugar, water

Cranberry and Blood Orange Relish
A great riff on the classic cranberry recipe.
Ingredients in this recipe: cranberry, sugar, blood orange

Let’s get cooking (and eating)!

Any other favorite ingredients or dishes you'd like us to highlight? Post them in the comments section or on our Facebook page! And while you're at it, "Like" us on Facebook to get helpful updates in your news feed.


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