Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pie from the Sky!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited for the big day. When Turkey Day finally arrives, don't forget to pace yourself. Sure, the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are great, but dessert is where it's at! We're huge fans of the classic pumpkin pie, but come to think of it, we're huge fans of all the dessert pies, especially when they're served hot and topped with ice cream.

With the pie in the sky in our eye, we powered up the FoodPair search engine and found plenty of great pie recipes that'll make your holiday sing. Just don't forget the ice cream and/or whipped cream!

There are two schools of thought on pie: some people love to make everything from scratch, including the crust; others are fine with a store-bought crust because it saves time & energy. No surprise here, we're fans of both options, so long as they lead to delicious pie. Alright, let's make some pies!

Perfect Pie Crust
For the scratch-bakers, here's a classic recipe for pie crust.
Ingredients in this recipe: butter, sugar, salt, all-purpose flour, water

Citrus Pumpkin Pie with Grand Marnier Cream
Just the sound of this pie is making us hungry!
Ingredients in this recipe: sugar, whipping cream, lemon peel, orange peel, Grand Marnier

Sour Cream Apple Pie with Streusel Topping
We'll never forget about classic apple pie, but this looks amazing!
Ingredients in this recipe: egg, apple, butter, sour cream, sugar, brown sugar, salt, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, pie crust, cinnamon

Rhubarb Pie
For those of you craving a fall classic, try rhubarb pie.
Ingredients in this recipe: egg, sugar, rhubarb, pie crust, tapioca

Boysenberry Pie
And, for the berry-lovers, here's boysenberry.
Ingredients in this recipe: egg, lemon juice, sugar, nutmeg, pie crust, tapioca, boysenberry

Raspberry-Pistachio Ice Cream Pie with Almond Praline
Don't worry about topping this pie with ice cream, it's already inside!
Ingredients in this recipe: butter, sugar, amaretti biscuit, slivered almonds, ice cream, gelato

Let’s get cooking (and eating)!

Any other favorite ingredients or dishes you'd like us to highlight? Post them in the comments section or on our Facebook page!


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