Friday, September 10, 2010

Potatoes: they're versatile and nutritious

Americans eat a lot of potatoes, but mainly as french fries. We all know and love fries, but without a deep-fryer they're tough to make at home and a lot of us are avoiding fried foods (at least for the next couple hours). The good news is that there are many other delicious and easy ways to use potatoes.

Potatoes originated in South America and today over 99% of all potatoes consumed are descendants of a variety from southern Chile. The Spanish introduced potatoes to Europe in 1536 and they quickly became a staple of diets around the world. Recently, a lot of people have been avoiding potatoes because they're high in carbohydrates, but most of the carbohydrates come as starch, which is resistant to digestion and has similar health benefits to fiber. On top of that, potatoes are high in Vitamin C, Potassium, and B-Vitamins.

So, now that we're eating potatoes again, let's use some in our next meal.

Here are 5 great recipes containing potatoes:

Potato Gnocchi
Gnocchi can be light, fluffy and delicious if you don't use too much flour!
Ingredients in this recipe: egg, potato, salt, all-purpose flour, marinara sauce

Wasabi Smashed Potatoes
Try this great Asian-fusion recipe to energize those classic mashers.
Ingredients in this recipe: potato, scallion, butter, soy sauce, wasabi, milk

Turnip and Potato Patties
The Jewish holidays are here, so it's a great time to try this twist on a classic latke recipe.
Ingredients in this recipe: egg, potato, scallion, turnip, salt, black pepper, all-purpose flour, vegetable oil

Baked Potato with Indian Cured Salmon
House-cured salmon with transform a baked potato into a healthy meal.
Ingredients in this recipe: potato, salmon, butter, cream, dill, mustard, cayenne powder, all-purpose flour, milk

Roast Potatoes with Sage and Orange
This is a unique and tasty way to serve roasted potatoes as a side dish.
Ingredients in this recipe: garlic, olive oil, sage, orange peel, Yukon Gold potatoes

Let’s get cooking!

Any other favorite potato recipes? Post them in the comments section!


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